Running & Happiness

Well, today was an off from work due to Christmas…Considering that I have been feeling down due to weather and last two days had spent on bed because of severe cold and cough, it was quite a welcome break… Yesterday night, I had thought that I will start my day with 2 hour run starting at 5:00 a.m. and would try to cover 23 kms in that…Unfortunately, didn’t wake up on the time so started run at 5:50 with other group members..

Did I mention that I train with a group? No, right? So first thing first, let me tell you that I train with a group known as Strider Miles (can be found here: http://www.striders.in/), a formed by group of former athletes who train people for marathons etc..More about them later.

So back to the today’s adventure…Considering that I haven’t done any fast runs in last couple of weeks, I was slightly unsure what pace I will be able to keep up… However, I have realised that running requires faith, an absolute one and nothing less.. Faith in self, faith in mind and faith in the ever strong human spirit to keep going on…To cut things short, it was a tough run today but was able to to run 15.5 km (don’t have a Garmin hence need to rely on the distance markers) in 1 hour 13 minutes 30 seconds…Not Bad…To be honest, I was feeling happy after this run…And there were two important reasons behind the same:

1. Minor Reason: Health issues…I was not sure how my body is going to behave after two days of continuous bed rest. In normal course of action, I would have taken off from the run today. My body is also not responding in the manner which I want it to…I need to take care of diet, otherwise it will be serious issue for my training plans..

2. Major Reason: Emotional rough patch which I am going through. In my short life, I have done lots and lots of stupidities, but never like the one which I have been doing from last 9 months or so…Rumi has written somewhere that “For the thirst to possess your love, Is worth my blood a hundred times.”…And how true it is..!! And the bigger problem is that your love and care is considered as intrusion in personal life by the One… Can’t blame other person also…(Ham unse keh na paaye haal e dil kabhi, aur wo samjhe nahin ki khamoshi kya cheej hai)…Irony of life… Some chapters of life are so painful that you want to just throw them away from your life and this seems like one for me…But an all happy book would be so boring to read…Adventure, Sadness, Happiness, Joy and Peace; all are required to make a good book…But I will definitely like to have an ending which Bilbo wanted for his book…”And he lived happily ever after, to the end of his days.” 😛

Day was so and so..Did nothing much…did some cooking for myself (quite yummy it turned out to be  etc..

Met some friends in the evening for dinner…and right now sipping some wine and typing this note..

Its quite late from my standards so I should sleep…Let’s see what does tomorrow has in store for me…

BTW, after quite sometime I drew something..Straight from heart…..Enjoi…

Happiness is friends, dog and running

Happiness is friends, dog and running


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