Mission NYC Marathon – The Prelim Thoughts

Well, I am planning to do New York City Marathon in year 2014. Considering the experience which I had during Amsterdam Marathon – 2013 (Time – 4:32 Hours), its important that I start preparing for it early. I haven’t really decided on the plan which will help me achieve the target of sub 3:45 marathon time, but broadly I have decided on adopting two pronged approach for attaining my aim:

  1. Focus on the Endurance: Considering the number of training years which I have under my belt (2.5 years), I will have to adopt a different strategy for building up my endurance. Current plan of running a maximum of 35 KM before a full marathon, doesn’t looks like working for me. My mind is still not trained enough to keep pushing the body beyond 35 km at the target pace. Hence, the idea is go beyond the regular training runs and push the body to its limits. I am planning to 2-3 runs of 50 – 60 KMs each, before May 2014. This should train my mind to be the BOSS, rather than my body.
  2. Pace: Focus on picking up the pace for the marathon by May – June 2014. The idea is that once I have trained my body to push beyond 42 KM’s, I should be able to increase my pace. Currently, I can keep a pace of 5mins/km for entire half marathon, but can’t do it for a full marathon distance. If I need to reach the goal of sub 3:45  marathon, I will have to keep the pace of 5mins/km for the entire 42.2 km. Let’s see how do I do it. The only thing is that I will give it all this year, whatever it takes.

I will continue to update my plans as I progress in my journey towards it…

As Yoda will say, May the force be with you (me)… 🙂


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