Running, Training Diaries

Running Diaries – December 30, 2013

Well, as I don’t use Garmin or any other hi tech equipments to keep a tab on the pace and the training, I have decided to track it through the Running Diaries, which I will maintain (at least try) covering the distance etc.

So, today I did around 8.7 KM’s of run in 46:30 minutes. which obviously I was not doing at my marathon pace. However, I didn’t fell that comfortable while finishing the run. Muscle fatigue was something which my mind was telling me again and again…Secondly, I was not able to keep the pace of 5 mins/km for the last 1 km, which is not acceptable. Well, looks like I have to do something about Muscle Fatigue.. Additionally, my glute pain is  killing me right now. I have started hip strengthening exercises, and hopefully six months down the line, my hips will be in the better shape…Amen


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