Why do I run?

People ask all the time, why do you run? What’s the joy in getting up early everyday, skipping all the parties, avoiding social gatherings because you are running next day, getting your skin chaffed, going through pain and all..? Its quite difficult to explain a non runner the feeling of freedom and joy which you get while running..Anyway, I came across a quote by Lou P, which I guess aptly summarizes the reason for running:

“I run because I can. Because I have two good legs and one good heart and want to keep it that way. Because I am thankful for the sunrise every morning which calls me to be, to live, and to move forward. I run because each day is a gift of time, love, and friendship. Because nothing compares to nature’s song on a quiet trail or road where every step I take crushes the regrets of what coulda, woulda, shoulda. Because there is this one life, no replays, do over’s, or shortcuts. I run because there is this one heart (mine) full of love that wants to be there for all who desire to be a part of it. I run because I am alive. Because self confidence is created by self worth that fulfills all voids. I run because I am a competitor. Because challenging oneself is a rewarding adventure in learning who, what, and why I exist. I run to fulfill emptiness. I run because I am not getting any younger and running keeps me young. I run because there is nothing better than feeling the healthy pulse of my heart beating over the rush of life sustaining air entering and exiting my lungs. I run to see progress. Because moving forward is the greatest way to get you to life’s rewarding destinations. I run because there are records to be made and broken. Because there are limits to be tested. I run because knowing what I am capable of beats wondering what I could have done.”



2 thoughts on “Why do I run?

  1. ranchcookie says:

    I love this post! I always get asked the same thing! It’s a way of life just like theirs so why do we get so much fuss about it !? Jealousy if you ask me 😛

  2. Fox says:

    My goal this year was to become a runner. It’s one thing I haven’t conquered and I’m going to. It felt great finishing my run today.

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